4 FSI in Navi Mumbai Gaothan areas : What it really means.

Recently,the Govt of Maharashtra gave a Green Signal to the proposal of 4 FSI in Gaothan Areas of Navi Mumbai. FSI is the amount of construction legally permitted on a plot of land. In Navi Mumbai, the current FSI is 1.5 (Max) for 99% of the areas. For the remaining 1% of tender plots, the FSI is just 1. So basically, if the Area of the plot is a 100 square meters, one is allowed to construct a building measuring 150 square meters of Built-Up area. This 150 square meters does not include areas like the lift, staircase, common passages, meter room, pump room, lift room etc.
FSI is very very important in determining the strain, load and quality of life in a given area. The more the FSI, the more the population living in a given area, the more the crowd, the more the traffic, the more the stress on civic services like drainage, parking etc.

But this FSI rule has been blatantly flouted in the Gaothan areas (areas in every node where the original inhabitants of Navi Mumbai were resettled when their land was taken over by the Govt in 1970’s). Over a period of time, The villagers in connivance with local leaders and Municipal officials turned this Gaothanarea into a hotbed of illegal construction by constructing full fledged housing complexes on the plots meant for their personal residence, throwing all rules into the dustbin and turning these areas into concrete jungles with nobody to answer to. Many a times these buildings collapsed and caused casualties too..but the problem persisted as nobody wanted to kill the golden goose which laid a lot of eggs for the local politicians and municipal officers along with the villagers who constructed buildings and sold flats at dirt cheap rates to gullible buyers.
After many years of delay, the govt recently announced a scheme whereby all illegal constructions which have consumed upto 4 FSI would be ‘legalised’.
Most people think that this decision means that Gaothan areas will now become a builder’s paradise where huge buildings (highrises) will be constructed and flats sold to buyers. However this is far from the truth.
In reality this scheme will only …

  • Legalize the constructions which came up before December 2012 !
  • It will not change the FSI rules applicable in Navi Mumbai Gaothan areas in any way !!
  • No highrises will be permitted in Gaothan Areas !!
  • Structures which have consumed more than 4 FSI will still face action !
  • Any structures with more than the allowed FSI ( 1 or 1.5) that come up henceforth after 2012 will be demolished !!
  • The FSI rules already incorporated in the GDCR (General Development Control Regulations) of Navi Mumbai are still valid and have to be complied by all.

The next time someone tells you about the goldmine of 4 FSI in Gaothan areas, remember what you read here.


Real Estate Regulator Bill gets stronger

The Real Estate Regulator bill ,which was pending in the Upper House (Rajya Sabha) received a boost on Wednesday 9th December 2015 when the Select Committee of Rajya Sabha recommended strengthening its key provisions based on the feedback received from the general population of the country.The 20 recommendations were approved by the Union Cabinet.

These are the changes accommodated in the revised bill…

  • Projects constructed on 500 sq mtrs plot area or with a minimum of 8 flats will also have to be registered with the Real Estate Regulator.Earlier this limit was for projects on 1000 sq mtrs and above.
    With this change,almost all builders and projects will be under the scanner.
  • The Regulatory Authority will now have only 3 months to frame the rules of this law and States will get a max of 6 months to frame the laws after the notification of this Act.Earlier this limit was 1 year.
  • Flat buyers will now be required to take possession within 2 months of the project receiving Occupancy Certificate.
  • All cases and appeals will have to be decided within 60 days instead of 90 days.
  • The Bill also provides an option to set up adjudicating officers and Appellate Tribunal for fast-track dispute resolution.
  • Builders will now have to pay equal rate of interest in case of default or delays as home buyers.
  • The liability of builders for structural defects that has been increased from the earlier two to five years now.
  • Real estate developers will now have to deposit 70% of the project cost in a separate escrow account, from 50% proposed earlier.
  • The revised bill also includes an enabling provision for arranging insurance of land title, which will protect buyers and developers from frauds.
  • Promoters of the project are now barred from changing plans and designs without the consent of the consumer.

However,strangely,the bill has not addressed the bottlenecks and delays created by govt officers in the Town Planning dept who often delay projects unless they are paid their pound of flesh.

The Final proof will be in the pudding and will depend on how efficiently and quickly all these provisions are implemented.

The final effect of this bill will take at-least another year to take effect.

2 bhk for rent in Nerul (Sector 19),Navi Mumbai

Spacious (700 sq ft carpet area) 2 bedroom hall kitchen flat for rent in the best residential area of Nerul (Sector 19).
Semi-furnished (see photographs and video) with piped gas.
Building with lift and covered parking.
Security,Intercom etc.
Covered parking.
Available for families only.
Caste,Religion no bar.

Rent 20,000
Deposit 1,00,000

Call Sky Properties 9833802522


Video of 2 bhk for rent in Nerul

Location of the 2 bhk for rent in Nerul

1 bhk for sale in Sector 19,Nerul

Spacious 1 bhk in one of the most prominent housing societies of Nerul in Sector 19.
Located on the 5th Floor (Building with lift)Living room : 200 sq ft carpet area
Bedroom :150 sq ft carpet area
Located in the most prime location of Entire Navi Mumbai -Sector 19
Groceries,ATMs,Daily necessities within 1 min walking distance
Within 900 meters walking distance from Nerul Railway station
Well managed and cosmopolitan housing society

Price 72 lakhs
Contact Sky Properties for inspection 9833802522

Pictures of the Flat

Video of the Flat

Location of 1 bhk for sale in Sector 19,Nerul

2 bhk for sale in sector 19,Nerul,Navi Mumbai

Super Spacious 2 bhk (700 sq ft carpet area) for sale in the most prime location of Nerul – Sector 19
Overlooking the main street of Sector 19,Nerul
Within walking distance from all daily needs like grocery shopts,Dairy,ATMs,Schools (Ryan International,Apeejay etc),Hospitals,Colleges etc.
900 meters from the Nerul Railway station complex.
Well managed society
24 hrs water and Electricity
Located on the 3rd Floor – with Lift

Flats in newly constructed buildings measure a maximum of 510-520 sq ft carpet area ! Builders sell them as 1100-1200 sq ft flats !

Contact Sky Properties on 9833802522




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