4 FSI in Navi Mumbai Gaothan areas : What it really means.

Recently,the Govt of Maharashtra gave a Green Signal to the proposal of 4 FSI in Gaothan Areas of Navi Mumbai. FSI is the amount of construction legally permitted on a plot of land. In Navi Mumbai, the current FSI is 1.5 (Max) for 99% of the areas. For the remaining 1% of tender plots, the FSI is just 1. So basically, if the Area of the plot is a 100 square meters, one is allowed to construct a building measuring 150 square meters of Built-Up area. This 150 square meters does not include areas like the lift, staircase, common passages, meter room, pump room, lift room etc.
FSI is very very important in determining the strain, load and quality of life in a given area. The more the FSI, the more the population living in a given area, the more the crowd, the more the traffic, the more the stress on civic services like drainage, parking etc.

But this FSI rule has been blatantly flouted in the Gaothan areas (areas in every node where the original inhabitants of Navi Mumbai were resettled when their land was taken over by the Govt in 1970’s). Over a period of time, The villagers in connivance with local leaders and Municipal officials turned this Gaothanarea into a hotbed of illegal construction by constructing full fledged housing complexes on the plots meant for their personal residence, throwing all rules into the dustbin and turning these areas into concrete jungles with nobody to answer to. Many a times these buildings collapsed and caused casualties too..but the problem persisted as nobody wanted to kill the golden goose which laid a lot of eggs for the local politicians and municipal officers along with the villagers who constructed buildings and sold flats at dirt cheap rates to gullible buyers.
After many years of delay, the govt recently announced a scheme whereby all illegal constructions which have consumed upto 4 FSI would be ‘legalised’.
Most people think that this decision means that Gaothan areas will now become a builder’s paradise where huge buildings (highrises) will be constructed and flats sold to buyers. However this is far from the truth.
In reality this scheme will only …

  • Legalize the constructions which came up before December 2012 !
  • It will not change the FSI rules applicable in Navi Mumbai Gaothan areas in any way !!
  • No highrises will be permitted in Gaothan Areas !!
  • Structures which have consumed more than 4 FSI will still face action !
  • Any structures with more than the allowed FSI ( 1 or 1.5) that come up henceforth after 2012 will be demolished !!
  • The FSI rules already incorporated in the GDCR (General Development Control Regulations) of Navi Mumbai are still valid and have to be complied by all.

The next time someone tells you about the goldmine of 4 FSI in Gaothan areas, remember what you read here.


Collector cancels land allotments

Map of Mumbai city district and Mumbai suburba...

Map of Mumbai city district and Mumbai suburban district, with major roads, railways and water bodies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Mumbai Suburban Collector Sanjay Deshmukh has decided to end the misuse and violation of land allotment agreements.Mr Deshmukh has recently cancelled the allotment of Jolly Brothers and Gyankendra Shikshan Sanstha and Shivshruthi Krida Kendra.Jolly brothers was allotted 60 acres of land near Kanjur marg railway station worth 3000 crores for Industrial purpose but was found to be in violation of the lease terms.Similarly,Gyankendra was allotted 4000 sq meters of land in Andheri but it was found that construction work was not completed in two years,as specified in the lease agreement.The ownership of the land has been transferred back to the govt.In the case of Shivshruthi,it was found that the organization had entered into an agreement with a developer to develop the land thereby illegaly creating a third party interest.Along with the above,more than 135 builders,housing societies and educational institutions have been served a notice after it was noticed that they too had prima facie violated the lease terms.
It may help to know that most of the 12.5% land allottees in Navi Mumbai are also in violation of the lease terms with CIDCO when they sign development agreements with builders.CIDCO has the powers to cancel all such land allotments provided a complaint is made to them.Buyers who are victims of such Development agreement scams are requested to approach CIDCO for cancellation of the same and re allotment in the favour of flat buyers/societies.CIDCO can then sign the Lease Deed directly with the Society and convey the land and building in the name of the Society.

CIDCO officers caught in another Land Scam

illegal building demolishedA new land scam has come to light in CIDCO.Land officers in collusion with Lakshman Tandel,a farmer,forged documents to show that he was dead.,thereby getting a plot for each of his legal heirs under the 12.5% scheme of CIDCO.The plots were in Sector44,Seawoods.

The CIDCO officers are Anant Mathuram Dalvi (retired special land acquisition officer),Sheela Moreshwar Joshi (retired land survey officer from CIDCO),Ramesh Sonawane (current land survey officer,CIDCO),Dayanand Tandel (CIDCO clerk),the farmer Mr.Kunda,his wife,sons and married daughters.The case relates to the year 1989 and the case was registered in Belapur Police station.
Social activist Sandeep Thakur was the force behind this prosecution.

NMMC General Body clears 2.5 fsi for redevelopment in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai creek

Navi Mumbai creek

There is good news and bad news for the people of Navi Mumbai who have been staying in dilapidated buildings which have been long declared unfit for habitation.
The good news is that The Navi Mumbai municipal corporation (NCP) General body meeting passed the proposal to hike the redevelopment FSI of Navi Mumbai to 2.5 for dilapidated structures and an FSI of 4 for gaothan areas and chawls.
This proposal has been hanging since 2009 and assumed larger proportions when elections are near.People of Navi Mumbai have been misled by false promises and announcements in the past.But this time the NMMC claims to have prepared a ‘fool proof’ plan prepared by none other than CRISIL.
If successful,the proposal will immediately affect more than 70 structures which have been declared unsafe.
Now for the bad news:The proposal will now go to the Urban development department of the Govt of Maharashtra,where it will be studied and its fate decided.
Although redevelopment is already a tough procedure,it becomes all the more tougher as most of the CIDCO building inhabitants do not have proper ownership documents and most have ‘purchased’ the flats via Power of attorney as the sale of these flats/houses was forbidden by CIDCO for a few years after allotment.To bypass this ban,alottees often sold their flats via Power of attorneys.Most buildings have still not formed co0p housing societies and many have not paid property taxes.Most dont have conveyance.
For redevelopment to succeed,all these documents have to be in order.
In order to get these in order,an expense of a few lakhs cannot be ruled out.
Its anybody’s guess as to how many residents of these low income colonies are ready to shell out that kind of cash to get their papers in order.
Until an outcome for these problems is found,redevelopment is a distant dream for most of Navi Mumbai,the approval of the Urban Development Ministry not withstanding.

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